✴ London Trip – September 2018 ✴

Hello my darlings! ❤

I know we are now nearing the end of October, but I wanted to talk about my kinda recent trip to London…

If you’ve ever visited London or live there, you’ll know just how beautiful and picturesque it really is. As a lover of aesthetically pleasing things, London is definitely a place for me to be. The buildings have so many stunning details, one of those buildings was the hotel me and my boyfriend stayed in. If you’ve never seen this building, your initial reaction might be a little like ours. WOW. Coming from the North West of England, we don’t really have any buildings quite like the Montcalm Hotel.

hotel london

If you haven’t guessed by looking at the photos, our hotel was the really funky shaped building. Honestly, the photos really don’t do it justice. The hotel was beautiful both inside and out. Our hotel was located in Shoreditch. To the side of the building, was the “M by Montcalm” on the outside wall. Me and my boyfriend took an obligatory tourist selfie with it – as you can see! *laughs*

The corridors were beautiful too – I wish I had taken some photos of the room itself, however they would not do it justice at all. The hotels interior was breathtaking. When having breakfast in the restaurant one morning, me and Jordan happened to be sat right next to the funky shaped window, and the view was so good there! I honestly love the big red double decker buses. Of course we have double decker buses here, but they aren’t as photogenic as the ones in London.

london bus.jpg

Rather than go out for meals each night, we spent a lot of our meal times in the hotels bar and restaurant. The food was so good – breakfast had such a wide selection. Continental breakfast consisted of various meats, pastries, cereals, fruit, fish etc and the cooked breakfast was soooo tasty too! We would go down to the bar at night and share parmesan fries (with a really tasty ‘korean’ ketchup and sourdough bread with whipped butter. We had never seen whipped butter before! *cough* we are uneducated people *cough*

Although room service was available, we never actually took advantage of this. Instead, we ordered an Uber Eats and got McDonalds! 😂 That’s another thing we don’t have here – Uber Eats. I really wish we did though, sigh.


We also had some churros with homemade nutella which were sooooo good. I’m pretty sure that same night we managed to spend about £80 between us on vodka and cranberry too.. OOPS! 

Although the hotel food was really good, we also had food when we were out. Our first day was spent exploring. After miles and miles of walking and photo taking, we found a Pizza Express, and decided to stop there. Also, let’s just take a minute to talk about how irritating it is that on Fridays and Saturdays you can’t use discount!! 😂 I know there’s a reason behind it but it was a little annoying especially after we’d walked so far and I just wanted a discounted meal hahaha..

Anyway! I decided I’d try a vegan pizza. Now I’m not vegan, my family are big meat eaters and my boyfriend is too, but I really liked the sound of the Leggera Vegan Giardiniera pizza. I’ve tried leggera pizzas before, but this one is now a favourite of mine.


I could say so much more about the food – but I’m going to leave that bit there.

Next, I want to share some of the pictures I took when we were exploring. I don’t know why but there’s something really satisfying about photographs of cities.

We went and explored London Bridge and the London Eye on our first day. Then on the second day we went to Westminster and explored there. We saw Buckingham Palace and we saw Westminster Abbey too.

I love the street signs in London. They’re so visually appealing to me. So my camera roll on my phone is pretty full of street signs. I really liked seeing the statues too – Churchill, Gandhi and many more! Me and Jordan even got a photo with Gandhi, and I seem to have a photo of a couple posing in front of him too… 😂

If you ever go to London and haven’t already, go explore Westminster and London Bridge! Next time we go to London, we are going to go and explore other parts of London too.

Now, I should probably talk about the main reason we went to London. We went to see Halsey! I am a huuuuge fan of Halsey and for a few years now I have been desperate to go and see her. Earlier this year, my mum surprised me with two tickets to go and see her, so me and Jordan made a little holiday of it.

If you don’t know who Halsey is… where you been hun? 😂 I’m kidding, but in all seriousness, you need to check her out. Her music is so so good and a lot of her songs really help me to feel less alone. Her music has been there for me when I’ve been going through some pretty rough times.

If you do know Halsey, you may know that she performed on the 22nd and the 23rd of September at the Hammersmith Apollo.


The concert was IN-SANE!!! I always knew I’d enjoy it because I love Halsey and her music, but it really exceeded any expectations I may have had. I think the only thing I dislike about standing at concerts is the fact I’m 5″2. Yup, I’m extremely short. I watched a lot of the concert through my phone while recording her. I still had a great time, it’s just so frustrating having to tiptoe and stretch my arms to even catch a glimpse of her. I can’t complain though because I was quite close to the stage and all my videos of her are really good. I sang my little heart out to each and every song. Does anyone else start to feel a little claustrophobic when standing at a concert? Like you stand next to people who keep moving around and are accidentally touching you and ARGH. It gives me genuine anxiety and I just want to be inside a bubble! 😂

HALSEY london

Ah, isn’t she beautiful? I kinda wish I’d been able to meet her, but I know I would’ve been panicking the entire time before and after the concert.

So the concert was on our LAST day of the trip. Our feet and legs were so dead by the time it came to Monday. On the Monday we had breakfast, got ready and then got an Uber to Euston Station. We had to wait around 30-40 minutes for our train, which consisted of more standing around and even sorer feet and legs! We were exhausted and well ready to come home.

If  you’re now sick and tired of reading such a long winded post, you can leave and I’m sorry for such a rambled post.


If you suffer with bad anxiety, please keep reading from here.

Suffering with anxiety and going to a BIG city can be really challenging. Before me and Jordan went, I was worrying for weeks. I kept thinking things like ‘What if I have a panic attack?’ ‘What if I can’t cope with it?’ ‘What if it’s too busy for me to handle, what will I do then?’ .                                                                                                                                               

But do you notice what was common in every single one of those thoughts? What if.

What if something bad happens. My negative train of thoughts just kept worst case scenario-ing literally everything. I always struggled with flipping it round and asking myself things like ‘But what if it’s actually really good? What if I don’t panic and I am able to cope? What if I surprise myself and enjoy it? 

The problem with anxiety is that you automatically assume the worst of every situation. It feels like you’ve lost all capability of being able to rationalise your thoughts.

I suffer with pretty major social anxiety. Most the time I won’t leave the house – but I can gladly tell you all that most the time, it’s a lot worse in my head than it is when it happens. We tend to stop ourselves from doing so many things because of the negative what ifs. We think avoiding situations make us feel better – but do they? Or do you find yourself then feeling hopeless, like a failure and frustrated? Avoiding situations makes everything worse in the long run because it becomes second nature to us. When you’re stuck in that place, it’s extremely hard to get back out of it. (I will probably do a more detailed post on anxiety another time..)

I guess what I’m trying to say is – if you suffer from bad anxiety and its stopping you from going to a concert, going to a certain city, going to a party that you really wanted to go to.. try challenging the anxiety provoking thoughts. Switch the negative what ifs to positive ones.

If it doesn’t help? That’s okay, you’re not ready. Be kind to yourself. You’re a work in progress. But if it does help – analyse yourself for a minute. Do you feel better for going to that place or doing that thing you really wanted to do? Did it feel as awful as your anxiety was making you feel beforehand? Anxiety controls way too many peoples lives – now its our time to fight back.

I’m extremely sorry for such a long-winded post today. I feel like I haven’t included half of the things I wanted to but ahhhhh well.. 😅

Thank you for making it this far and reading my rambles. Remember, you’re a strong person. You will get there. Sorry for the rambled post.

All my love,

Beth xxx

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