ASMR: My Alternative to Mindfulness

Hello lovelies,

Today I really wanted to take the time to write a post about something I’m really passionate about – and that is ASMR.

If you have no idea what ASMR is, don’t worry! I’ve included a little description of what ASMR is all about. Or, if you have heard of ASMR, here’s just a little bit about how it benefits me AND how it could also benefit you! ❀

So let’s start with what ASMR actually means…

ASMR stands for “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response“.

But what even is that? It’s where you may (or may not) experience a “tingly” or almost static-like sensation on your skin. It typically will begin on the scalp and then move down the back of your neck and to your upper spine. If you hear a satisfying sound or see something calming, it may trigger an ASMR response. For example, some people find the rain really calming. The “pitter patter of the rain can trigger the tingly sensation in your body.

You might be having a virtual light bulb moment right now – if so, I did too! *PA-DING!*  I always used to experience a tingly feeling. Especially in primary school, when teachers would read a book in a soft voice, or when people would play with my hair and so on. Until this year, I never knew that it was a feeling that other people experience too – in fact, it’s pretty common!

Since I discovered ASMR videos on Youtube, I’ve found something that really enables me to relax. *Kicks off shoes, lays on sun bed, takes a long sip of a cool drink – followed by an extremely long AHHHHHH* . Even if I don’t necessarily feel the tingles all the time, it helps me by taking my mind off of things.

There are so many different style of videos. My preferences are; soft spoken role plays, positive affirmations and finger fluttering. Yes, finger fluttering. I am useless at trying to explain what this is so just check out Sophie Michelle ASMR on Youtube and you’ll get what I mean. However, some people find mouth sounds relaxing – so someone eating, or making sounds with their lips etc. I don’t enjoy those videos personally, but each to their own, hey!

I love watching Sophie’s videos because she has a super soft voice. Its warm and endearing too, meaning that I almost feel like she is my friend, cheering me up when I feel low.  She posts regularly too which is always a massive bonus, I’ve watched each recent video so I like to watch some of her older videos too.

I will link some of Sophie’s videos which are personal faves of mine:

Hypnosis for Anxiety and Stress – Whispered

Personal Attention and Spreading Positive Energy For Sleep

1920’s FlapperGirl Does Your Makeup

Semi-inaudible Colour Blindness Eye Examination

Seriously darlings, you need to check her out. I could’ve linked so many other videos but her whole channel is so relaxing, I would have ended up linking them all!! ♡

I also recommend Creative Calm ASMR and WhispersRed ASMR. Lucy and Emma have such soft voices too and also create such fab quality content. Lucy (Creative Calm) does a lot of role plays which are pretty amusing as well as relaxing and Emma (WhispersRed) creates a lot of videos based on the use of natural products, whispering and tapping sounds.

Now, onto my connection of ASMR and Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be used as a way to relax or to try and soothe yourself if you’re feeling distressed, or as a way to unwind before going to bed. But here’s the thing… I am SO bad at trying to body scan or be mindful! My thoughts always jump on the 2-3 minutely train, and completely fly ahead of me. But when I watch ASMR on Youtube, I find it so much easier to just focus on the video in front of me, rather than the thoughts in my head.

Anxiety, stress and insomnia are all distressing feelings. Self-soothing in such times is a must – so that’s why I no longer panic and stress myself out about the fact I struggle with body scanning or meditation style activities. When I feel anxious or my insomnia is particularly bad, I just go on to Youtube, click on my ASMR playlist and sit back and focus my attention on the video.

So if like me, you find it extremely hard to try and focus on you and your body rather than negative thoughts – I highly recommend you check out ASMR. It has made such a positive impact on me. I sleep a lot better since watching ASMR.

It might not benefit you at all, but there’s also a chance it might – so why not give it a go?


Love and big hugs,

Beth x x x


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